Warranty Procedures and Policy

Warranty Information

SHERKERI PTY LTD trading as My Auto Supplies is committed to supporting the products we sell and extends well beyond the warehouse doors. In fact we pride ourselves on the high level of after sales service and support that we offer.

The reality of dealing with technical products is that occasionally things can go wrong. Sometimes it can be the product and sometimes it can be environmental issues like voltage spikes or problems in electrical systems, etc. So if you are in the unfortunate situation of needing to lodge a warranty claim we have formulated this guide to help you better understand the way we treat and process warranty claims.

All warranties are managed by the manufacturer/suppliers directly. All items returned for warranty must go through the manufacturer’s process to make a material determination of defect before determining a claim. Faults or defects caused by product modification, misuse and abuse, normal wear and tear, or failure to correctly install are not covered under this warranty.

How to Claim Warranty

  1. For the quickest possible service for your warranty claim, please contact the manufacturer direct, see your warranty documents for details. They will be able to refer you to the closest service agent who can inspect & diagnose the items suitability for a warranty claim. If in the event the manufacturer requires you to return the item to the point of purchase, refer to set 2 onwards.
  2. Contact us within the Warranty period and no later than 30 days after the discovery of the claimed defect (whichever is the earlier)
  3. Be sure to include a copy of your original proof of purchase (invoice or receipt).
  4. To assist the process please include a full description of the fault and the circumstances in which the fault has occurred.
  5. Please forward to us by email the consignment/tracking number when your item is on it’s way. Warranty does not cover the cost of transport of the item to and from My Auto Supplies
  6. A replacement will be issued if the part is deemed faulty after warranty assessment by our technician
  7. If the part is not covered by warranty, the postage costs for return of the part will be the purchaser's responsibility and will have to be paid prior to return of the item
  8. Address for return of product: 

My Auto Supplies
PO Box 109 

What’s the Process once it arrives back to us

  1. Your item is inspected here in our office for suitability for warranty assessment
  2. The manufacturer is contacted to complete their warranty returns claim paperwork
  3. Your item is retuned with appropriate paperwork to the manufacturer within one business day
  4. We await their technical assessment, usual notification within 7-10 business days
  5. Once we receive formal advice on your claim we will inform you

If your warranty claim is Granted

  1. As soon as your warranty is approved we will follow the guidelines of the manufacturer as to sending a replacement item or issuing a refund
  2. In the event you do not require a replacement we will arrange an immediate refund.

If your warranty claim is Denied

  1. Unfortunately there may be times when the manufacturer has assessed your item does not meet the warranty specifications, in this event we will give you their written advice
  2. If you do not agree with the decision, we will put you in touch directly with the technical department responsible for further clarification
  3. Should you be in the unfortunate situation of having a warranty claim rejected it may be optional to have the product repaired.