Cargo Nets & Uncovered Loads

Cargo Nets & Uncovered Loads

Do you know the laws about securing your loaded Ute Tray, Trailer, Truck or Boat?  The law is getting tough on loose loads. If you don’t secure your load properly you may get a fine or, for a serious breach, be prosecuted in court, so best be prepared.

The load restraint laws apply to all vehicles regardless of their gross vehicle mass.  The driver of a vehicle is responsible for securing the vehicle’s load.  These laws do not just apply to the open road, they are being enforced at boat ramps, waste and recycling tips, landscaping supply outlets, hardware stores and similar.

Have you ever thought about the damage that can be caused by an item flying out of an uncovered Ute or trailer?

objects fall from your vehicle on to other traffic or pedestrians

other drivers swerve to dodge items that are falling or have fallen from your vehicle

loads that have spilled onto the road cause other vehicles to skid and lose control

uncovered loads crash into your vehicle cabin during emergency braking

The overriding load restraint requirements require that any load carried on or in your vehicle or trailer must not be secured so it won’t move or fall from your vehicle while driving—including driving consisting of emergency braking or turning suddenly.

Restraint doesn’t just mean ropes, tie downs or ratchet straps which stop your load from shifting or moving, it also means stopping small items, such as work boots, eskys, tools, garden waste, fishing and boating gear or similar from falling from your tray or trailer.

The fines for unsecured loads can be quite high and depending on your State or Territory it could mean a fine per number of items you have unsecured.  So lets say you have a pair of work boots in the tray, 2 boots = 2 fines; going fishing, 3 fishing rods = 3 fines.

Garden Waste, Tools, Boating & Fishing Gear, Eskys, Boxes, Work Boots, etc, in Utes or trailers will generally be light enough to be blown off a ute or trailer by a breeze during transport. As such, they will need to be covered by a tarpaulin or netting, secured so that it does not come off in transit. Nets and tarpaulins are generally an easy and effective way to restrain lighter items.

Any Loose Item Can Cost You Points and Fines

Premium Cargo Nets

Our premium quality cargo nets have been designed to fit trailers, single & dual cab utes as well as small trucks and boats. They are available in five sizes and feature heavy duty 35mm x 35mm square hole woven mesh with a elastic bungee cord perimeter.  The net also features 15 restraint hooks and a quality inbuilt shock cord system with plenty of length needed to reach most securing points.  It comes in a re-usable storage bag.

When properly fitted they will help to cover and restrain loose items. This product is designed as a load COVER only and is not for use as a load restraint.

Available in Five Popular Sizes.

Features …

  • 35mm Square Hole Mesh – perfect legal requirement
  • 3mm Nylon Cord
  • 6mm Bungee Cord Perimeter
  • 15 Plastic Hooks to Attach to your Ute Tray or Trailer

Cargo Net Covers your Load


Spider Fast-Tarp™ and Spider Ute-Tarp™ are high density polyethylene, heavy duty covers complete with multiple permanently attached elastic cords with adjustable Spider-Lock™ hooks.  They are the quickest and easiest way to cover your Ute, trailer or other general purpose cover requirement.  Spider Tarp products represent outstanding value for money, being far less expensive than purchasing a combination of equivalent quality covers, attachment cords and hooks.

No need for additional ropes, bungee cords or nets.  Superior Quality – Strong – Durable – Heavy Duty

Features …

  • Heavy Duty Tarp with Elastic Cords Attached & Adjustable Hooks
  • Wide opening hooks allows quick & easy fitting & adjustment
  • Multi Point attachment design securing tarp in many applications
  • Highest Quality UV Stabilized, 230gsm Triple Layer Polythene Material ensure strength & durability
  • Superior Strength, Rope Re-enforced Hems, Heavy Duty
  • Waterproof & Resistant to Tears & Mildew
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty against Faults & Defects

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